My name is Amy Renee and I am an Intuitive Counselor.  I use my intuition to help people with many different areas of their life. When reading for others I can also bring through messages and validations from passed loved ones. I have the pleasure of reading for people all over the world.

I’m clairaudient, clairsentient, and clairvoyant – meaning I can hear, sense and see spirits. Communicating with the spirit world they show and tell me things about you and your future.

Readings can bring you guidance, strength, and messages of hope. People call me wanting to know about their health, career, relationships to family issues. Some clients want to know if their loved ones are still with them and what they are doing on the other side and some clients want to focus on their future.  A lot of information tends to come out during readings.

When I prepare for your reading I quiet myself down into meditation and take notes. I get descriptions of spirits from hair and eye color to names and places. They show me many things. I describe it as having a movie playing in my head/mind. Spirits sometimes take me back in time and show me memories you have of them for validation. They also show me the future. There really are no limitations when it comes to talking with spirits. It is so nice to know that your passed loved ones are still with you and watching over you.  I also allow time for you to ask me questions.  It is my goal to have you feeling better, uplifted and to bring validations to you.