From my very first meeting with Amy back in 2014 she has been a guiding light and an absolute amazing human being to get to know. Personally, she has taken my family through some very difficult and testing times without any concern for the time we pay for her. Without her innate love and spiritual guidance, we would not be in the position we are in today. Through her readings and intuition, I have personally benefitted from her very caring, calm, and endearing words through her readings. Her readings are very powerful and to this day still stun me with her level of detail and her ability to pinpoint certain facts. Words cannot express my ever-loving humble gratitude for Amy and her exceptional work.


I have been knowing Amy, for over 11 years. She was referred to me.
I will never forget the first time I heard her voice, I was in such a dark place in my life, and as I heard her speaking I felt an immediate peace. I was so nervous about my first time receiving a reading and the first thing she tells me was “it is your father, who has the watch. He is holding a gold pocket watch in his hand”. I turned white, since my father passed, we didn’t know where his gold pocket watch, that my mother bought for him, went. My mom wanted it back but we couldn’t find it anywhere. It became my mother’s obsession. There was no way that she could ever know that. Throughout the years I turned to her, every time I have question and when I need help to solve any sort of problem, wherever it is about my husbands or about the kids, school, as well as friends and family. I always received the right guidance. I will always consult with her before any important event in my life.
Nicole Nelson

I have been talking to Amy for many years now. She has really got me through hard times in my life and continues to still be there for my family and I. I feel incredibly lucky and privileged to have met some-one as talented, kind and compassionate as Amy. She has predicted many events in my life in relation to my health, education and personal life which have come into fruition and given me hope even in the bleakest of times. One such prediction was when Amy reassured me that I would enter medical school (after a long application process) and she even described my medical school building! am incredibly grateful to have come across Amy, her predictions and reassurance are incredibly trust-worthy and mean the world to me especially when it comes to making important decisions in my life. Thank-you Amy for everything!


Hi Amy,

You have been doing readings for me since 2010 and everytime you do I have been amazed at how accurate it always is. You are such a ray of light and I really appreciate all the talks and info you share with me. From the bottom of my heart thank you!!!.



Hi Amy!

I am inspired to write this testimony to encourage others to seek out your guidance. You have been such a blessing to me. I hope that all who are considering a reading but uncertain will understand what a gift it is to speak with you.
The first reading I ever received was years ago. In the time from then until now I have had readings from many different psychics. Readings with psychics that were very expensive, some reasonably priced, some I've had to wait months on a waiting list to speak to, some in person, some over the phone, some very well known, you get the idea. Of all the psychics I have spoken with, I can honestly say that Amy is the best. She is truly gifted. And I told her that during our very first reading. She amazed me. She told me things about my ex-husband that there would have been no way that she could have known otherwise. She has also has been spot on with my career, my house, family members, etc. If you are at all worried that she will tell you something you don't want to know, you don't need to worry. Amy gives loving, positive readings. On the same token, she will be straight with you and will not tell you something just because you want to hear it. I have been getting readings with Amy over the past 4-5 years. During that time she has helped me with numerous concerns, but my relationships have been the most important to me. Amy can sense what the other person is feeling and thinking. She has gotten me through some really tough times. I can't begin to describe how grateful I am for that. In a nutshell, if you are considering a reading, I would 100% recommend Amy (and I have, to several friends and coworkers). Amy is the real deal and not in it for the money. She enjoys her job, enjoys helping people, takes her time with her clients, and is caring. You will get that, too.


I have known Amy for over 3 years. She has helped my family and I through many difficult times - situations that no other person could understand nor resolve. She has also helped bring so much joy into our lives. Amy has become very dear to my family and I, she is our trusted advisor and confidant. We often refer to her as our 'Angel Amy'.

Amy is special, not only is she truly gifted as an intuitive but she is authentic, kind, caring, and patient. She really listens to you and strives to promote healing for you on various levels - mental, physical, emotionally and spiritual. Amy also has an extraordinary understanding of human emotions and relations. She is filled with such strong positive energy, simply speaking with her is an uplifting experience.

Meeting Amy has been a huge blessing for me. If you happen to cross-paths with her this is not a coincidence, spirit is at work. I highly recommend you have a reading with her, it will be a wonderful and life changing experience.

Ontario, Canada

Hello Dear Amy,

I hope you are doing well. Still very impressed, that you told me some years ago, that a crash is coming from China.

Love from Sweden, Victoria

Hi Amy,

I really thank you! Our discussions mean a lot to me. Thank you for your care, and guidance!

Keep well! Talk soon:-)


Hi Amy!
You did a reading for me about four weeks ago. You hit almost every point of how and when he would be born. I am completely amazed. We are so blessed to have this little guy. You wanted me to send you a picture so here it is. I can’t wait to have another reading done by you! You’re truly amazing.
Thank you,

Hi Amy,
First, when we spoke in July, you mentioned that you saw my husband buying a house very soon. I thought you might have been referring to the house we had talked for a few years about building. You also said we’d could get a discount due to something being wrong with it. But I knew we wouldn’t be starting anything until 2019. However, then out of the blue in September, my husband was looking at houses online and casually mentioned an old house on 4 acres of land that was right across the street from our lot that we were going to build on. I looked at the photos and had an instinct to want to view it in person. And to make a long story short, we closed on the house at the end of October! And my husband bought the whole thing! And due to the condition of the house inside and outside, we got $35k off the asking price! So you really had all the insight on this one!! :)

You also said you saw my husband investing in real estate. At the time of our phone call, he was totally focused only on stocks. However, in the last month, he has decided to switch his focus to buying rental properties. So you were on target again!

You are priceless. I really, really appreciate you. It must take a lot of courage sometimes to do what you do. Please know how much good you do. Thank you.

Dear Amy,
Just a quick note to say from all of my heart thank you for telling me about this sweet boy soul who was waiting over me to come down to our family. What a special gift you have. Your session helped me to use my intuition during his birth - all my love
Love Jessica

Hi Amy,

I’m super blown away with the accuracy when something happens that you’ve told me will. I remember you telling me I’d be working at the same company but different location, and I would be working there June/July. This was in oct or nov that you told me this! I just got offered the job in June and I’m starting on Monday. Same company I was previously working at. A higher position and the most money I’ve ever made in my life. All the things you told me! Im so excited.

After the traumatic experience I have been thru, I decided to find myself some healing. I never knew there existed so called “reading” a friend read tarot cards for me. At first, I was very skeptical and I found a lot of the so called “reading” bullocks. While I was in despair and felt like there was no hope for me, God has sent me AMY! She was someone I came across accidentally. And if you were her clients, you would know that SHE IS REAL and sincere. There is no way you could dislike her If you have talked with her. The vibe I was getting from her was kind, honest, and most importantly, focused. She made efforts answering all my questions while taking care of how I felt at the same time. It wasn’t something on purpose. You just could totally feel how open minded and kind she was from talking. I really appreciate her and I feel the service was really one of the best I could have ever gotten. After having two readings about my traumatic experience, I started to heal so much. She gave me the drive to move forward. And it was real! I encourage and recommend everyone who has been thru a traumatic or devastating experience to go and have a reading with Amy. I normally don’t endorse for people unless I feel the service being one of the best. And she definitely is the one you are looking for. She is not some random scam artist like many. She is kind and caring. Take Amy as your reading whether you had business questions or personal issues. I guarantee you won’t regret your choice!


Dear Amy,

It has been enlightening and truly magical meeting you virtually. I believe you are an Angel that came to reveal what we need to move forward in our life. It is like little stars from the sky.

You have been so accurate for my job even where everyone would tell me I will not be accepted. You also saw my personality and my past. Let's wait for the next step in meeting the one

Will keep you updated.

Much love xoxo



The last time we talked, you told me to let you know if I ended up engaged....well.... I did!!

I will be making an appointment soon but wanted to let you know that once again you were spot on!

Have a great Christmas.


Hi Amy !
I just had to send you a quick note to let you know you were right on point once again!

In my last reading you told me to start sending out my resume because I was going to be laid off during the summer. On Monday, I was part of the first wave of 20 people who's position was being eliminated.

In your reading you also told me that it would be a good thing for me and that my next job would be better for me. I have the same feeling!

Just had to give you that validation! You never cease to amaze me! I'll be in touch within the next month for a reading!


Hello World!..if you ask if its true what Amy will tell you ..She is really heaven sent! I got goosebumps ! here my short and very interesting story..In fact it is a WOW STORY.

2 Years ago spoked with her..i was upset about life and i didnt believe it what i heard from her...for me was unimaginable ,....,Told me i will meet a 2 years younger boy than me..Taller than me ,blue eyes and i will dont want to be at the begin with him.."but pay attention you will not marry him" ; After exactly 7 months he came…the same way she say it..and now i understand why she told me i will dont marry him…because we was about to get marry we were engaged we broke up!

Told me that my father will buy a piece of land- after 3 months he did bought a piece of land! the fact i will speak with my ex love ..(never thought this could happen! because the story was very dark in order to be in contact again with him! )
That in my father;s company will come a guy with initial name "s " ..and will not be ok for the company ..she saw lose of money....after 1 year HE Came in our office to work..i never thought ..i didnt even remember it! but in the end this happend..and now he is not working anymore in the company,,Thanks God!
Also that my 2 girlfrends will get marry...and happend to hear about it at 2 months after spoked with Amy...
She told me that my grandmother is very sick and this is so true!! she is not getting better .
The fact that she didnt meet me ever life, i am in Europe , but still she knows me so well.
I have even more to write about my not here to convince someone...i am here to tell you that you are Blessed if you have the chance to spoke with her! She can give you a direction in life and guide you!!
Now im waiting for my husband to arrive in my life like she told me :)


Thank you so much for your amazing reading with my friend, Karen last night. She was absolutely blown away!! :) She's a wonderful person and needed that time with you to help her with her journey and is excited about her future.

Take care and thank you again for sharing your wonderful gift with us.



I am shocked…
With how accurate your reading .
My husband just told me about a project that is produced by Italians… You told me about Italy!!!! And it felt that it was not possible - that Italy didn't make sense . But it turns out that Italy is is in the horizon!

Thank you!

Just wanted to let you know I went & talked to my grandpa today about our meeting, & told him the things you said about Donna (his wife). I told him mostly everything you said about her traits & her appearance first, but when I asked him if she ever lost a child, his eyes lit up. He asked me "why?", & I explained to him that you told me she had a child by her side when you saw her. He explained to me that she had a miscarriage & that only a small handful of people knew about it. Thank you for making my old fashioned stubborn grandpa a believer! :)


Hi Amy,
What a great conversation! Thank you for all the insight today :-)
You're awesome!!!
Talk to you down the line.


For anyone wondering if they should reach out to Amy for a reading, I'd like to assure you that speaking with her has given me a confidence, reassurance, and drive that I had lost. It is amazing what she picks up on and I can happily say that what she has predicted has come to fruition for me more than once. She is such a peaceful, loving person and her gift is truly a blessing from God. Do yourself a favor and reach out to her for a reading today. You'll be happy, like me, if you do.


Amy did a reading for my sister 2 years back. The reading was completely for my sister and Amy was not given any information on me whatsoever, no photos or names. Yet that reading completely turn my life around and released me from my 13 years of emotional imprisonment.

I dated my ex when I was 21 and married him two years later. We were that regular modern day fairy tale couple, both university graduates, great career and regular church going Christian. He grew up in a traditional church, knew the bible inside out and I was a Sunday school teacher. The marriage was to be perfect, I obeyed every marriage rule in the bible, I put with his constant verbal abuse and did what was right as a biblical law abiding wife. Twice in the marriage I left him after the discovery his secret online addiction to porn. He wrote me tearful letters on both occasions and went down on his knees while crying for forgiveness. He swears that he had never cheated on me physically. He quoted the biblical rules that tied me down. I stayed and gave my all to the marriage.

Nov 2012, I was visiting Vancouver, Canada with my son when I received a call from my sister. What Amy revealed through her was simple and direct. She said my marriage is heading for a divorce, my husband was cheating on me. It’s prostitution and I should not be sleeping with him anymore. She said I would be staying exactly at where I am right now till my son is done with school at least. And she didn’t see me doing my PhD anytime soon till I have settled all the I need to do.

I called my ex immediately. Like most men, he said that I’m crazy to accuse him over some psychic’s words. But I know Amy was telling the truth. A four hour long conversation and 3 emails later, I got a confession. 12 years of cheating, with over 30+ prostitutes. From the year after we dated till the day before Amy’s revelation.

Spring 2014, I am writing this from Vancouver, Canada. My PhD application to both universities just got rejected 2 weeks back. Yes, I am still at where I was 2 years back, just like what Amy had predicted. Some of the stuff she told my sister 2 years back seemed out of the world and impossible, but they came true. Over a decade, I was stuck in a self imposed imprisonment, Amy simply opened the door and shone a light. Thanks Amy.
R, Canada

Hi Amy, I wanted to let u know how wonderful it was to speak with you. It was an awesome experience and I feel you are a blessing from God! You were spot on in your reading and it gave me goosebumps. I've never been touched in the way you have made me feel.
May 2014

Hi Amy, I wanted to let u know how wonderful it was to speak with you. It was an awesome experience and I feel you are a blessing from God! You were spot on in your reading and it gave me goosebumps. I've never been touched in the way you have made me feel.
May 2014

Hi Amy!!!

I just want to let you know that I got a 10% increment to my base salary which is excellent. You are spot on!!


Hi Amy,
I just wanted to send you an update to let you know that I did get the new job and I think I'm going to like it. Also that I did hear back from my doctor and all of my tests have come out fine. Thank you so much for your encouragement. I read your email over a lot to reassure me while I was waiting for things to be resolved. Hope all is well with you,
Thanks again.

I did a reading with Amy precisely in December 2011 when I needed to make a number of decisions. Amy not only answered all my question clearly and the answers were spot on in accuracy, she predicted a number of things like the colour of a house I would buy, the location and the pricing, the grade of my daughter,my ex, and a future relationship.
I bought a house with its description in December 2012 a year later . She predicted the relationships about my ex fiance and he came back to me as she said and dis not last as she said. Uncannily, I met a man just like she said in August, this year .She even described me the hair and eye colour of the man i was to meet and here it is, I am with a man with Grey eyes , and sort of brown/whitish hair and a very loving nature as she predicted.

I have just done another reading with her about the current relationship and I know and trust her reading so am very confident in moving forward in this relationship which is reassuring and powerful.

So, here I am writing a testimony for her to assure all of you who is looking for a genuine and gifted psychic who has the gift to look into future for you and whose reading is so accurate that I am recommending her to all my friends in Australia.


Hi Amy,

I hope you had a great holiday season and a new year. I just wanted to give you a little update on my life. I have met an amazing guy named Brendan! I wanted to thank you for all your encouraging words and insistence that he was on his way. It really helped me look forward to the future when on my own I was feeling worried. He is a very kind man, who treats me well. Thank you again!



Dear Amy, thank you so much for your reading. You gave me lots of certainty and joy to go on. When I was talking to you I felt all your warmth and your kindness. I can't say how grateful I am to have found you. You are a real and a great intuitive counselor, just a true gift to all the people who look for your help.

Blessings, Lucia, Switzerland

Just a note:
Thank you again for the reading, I feel blessed by your reading and have new hope with an energy boost, I would have never given up. What you have done to help me, I was able to breath again and have the big weight drop off my shoulders. To me you feel like an old friend from way back, the whispers in the wind you brought forth for me to hear. Again, thank you and God bless.
Frank -Canada

Amy is incredibly gifted with her clairvoyant abilities. She has provided the HRM police and RCMP with relevant and accurate information to help find the body of a missing woman from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Amy provided countless hours of her time with me over the phone, while we volunteered time to help with the Melissa Peacock case. Melissa went missing on Nov 7th, 2011 and her remains were discovered in July 2012. I found Amy by contacting the psychic twins, Terry and Linda Jamison, on facebook. They informed me that Amy could probably help me in the case—they were right!

Thank You Amy for sharing all of your incredible gifts. This has not only helped to find the remains of a missing person, but you were able to help put some closure in the hearts of the family and friends who loved this young woman dearly. More importantly, Melissa can now ‘Rest In Peace’ and Justice can be made to those involved in the unfortunate event.

Tracy Childs

Nova Scotia, Canada

I can't thank you enough for my reading. You were like a miracle to me. The reading have helped me to enjoy life more knowing that everything happens for a reason... I think I'm much more confident and happy about myself now. I can't describe in words how blessed I feel that I found you. I will never can thank you enough.


Amy, Thank you so much!!! = ) i feel like your my guardian angel. God has definitely blessed me with your friendship. = )
Sent from Frank's iPhone

Thank you for the reading you gave me on my toxic relationship. I have since been able to open my eyes to see how things really are. While I am still working on bettering my situation and changing the way my life is, i know that when it is time things will happen for me and my life will change for the better. Thank you for the reading. It was a blessing.


Just wanted to say thank you for the reading, so glad you are a real person and not a scam artist. You told me I would travel to Mexico and the next day a friend called me about a trip to Cancun, and I am going! Sandy

My reading with Amy was amazing - relaxing and energizing at the same time. Her insights were remarkable in describing the personalities of those around me in spirit. She answered my questions in a gentle, sweet voice and with love and concern. Her answers were clear and concise and she gave me specific dates on upcoming events and situations in my life. She showed me the "big picture" as well as the "details" in my life currently and what to expect and prepare for in the future. Amy is quite phenomenal and is truly gifted. It has been my pleasure to become acquainted with a "reader" with such integrity and spirituality. Thank you Amy, for the blessing that you are to so many! NK - Virginia

I cannot say enough kind things about Amy! I had my first reading with Amy a few weeks ago and although I don't consider myself a "skeptic", I was unaware of what to really expect. However I wanted to enter into this experience with an open-mind and I am so glad that I did.

My first impression of Amy is that she is very calming and soothing to the person that is receiving the reading and she also possesses such a sweet and kind demeanor which will make even the most nervous of clients feel as if they have known Amy for years. Throughout the entire reading, I was floored by details she knew about me and my family (including my grandmother that passed away less than a year ago). I had originally contacted Amy because I am at a crossroads in my life (particularly regarding my next step in my career and in romantic relationships) and I am so glad to have spoken with her because now I don't feel as confused on where my life is headed. I was also pleasantly surprised to learn that both my grandmothers are watching over me and are happy where they are because once a family member or friend leaves this Earth, I think we all wonder if they are OK and I'm glad to know that they are.

I am also thrilled to know that my future is bright and that Amy was able to recognize qualities in me that I didn't even realize were there. One can only assume that Amy has had to overcome many obstacles in order to share her gift with the world, and I am so glad that she continues to persevere and share her wonderful gift with us all. Make no mistake that Amy will bring pure light and radiance into your life and you will be glad for every encounter that you have with her.

And for any "skeptics" out there, I can only say that more often than not we all try to over think and over rationalize everything instead of accepting that the very things we are praying for may be right in front of us. Amy is nothing short of a Godsend who is meant to help others in their quest to reach their full potential. Amy has changed me for the better and now I proudly think of her as a friend. She is the real deal and I will be eternally grateful for the peace that she has given me.....that gift is priceless. Thanks again Amy and I'll be speaking with you again in the very near future.

Testimonial by Nicole Gibson in California (future author)

I just had to thank you again for my reading this morning Amy. You made me feel at ease & you exceeded my expectations with everything you shared with me. I truly appreciate you giving me your time & connecting me with my nephew Braidon. An experience I will never forget or ever be able to thank you enough for. I feel blessed to have made contact with you & will definitely be in touch again. Sending you love & hugs Jodi


My friend Amy is a gifted Intuitive Counselor. Highly recommend checking her site.
Dane Cook
5:04 PM via web

Amy, you are aptly chosen to do what you do and you are truly gifted. Your insight into certain things with my reading was astonishingly true. However leaving aside your great intuitive power you also come across as a very warm, caring, and kind person which are traits that I hope to find in my future girl. I am truly glad to have got in touch with you and I shall continue to keep in touch for a long time to come.

KM- Australia

Hello, Amy!

Usually the day before Christmas, I think of all the high points for the year. I have to say you were definitely at the top. You made me feel supercharged about next year. In which, I'll be pushing myself into Nursing school, and Reiki. Thanks to you.....
So all in all, I wish you a Happy New Year!

Dearest Amy:
I want to thank you so much for the reading today. I did take 12 pages of notes. After we got off the phone I sat down with Linda and Brandon and went over all that you told me. They both were amazed, as I was. You are an extremely gifted person and the help you have given me will not be forgotten and your advice will not be taken lightly. I have read and re-read my notes and some of the things you talked about that I didn't really know what they were started to ring a bell. I am sure I will figure out the rest as I speak with my mother and find out more information.
You gave me much information and it will take me some time to comprehend all of it. You, Amy, woke me up and the journey I am on now is much different that the one I was on yesterday. I thank you for that wake up call. I thank you for everything. You are heavensent!!!!!
I feel guilty because you spent so much time with me and you didn't make any money off me. I know you were doing this because you are a person who recognizes a person with great need and I know you did this out of your great kindness. I feel a connection between you and my family. Your insight and your non-judgmental approach made me feel very much at ease and I know I can talk to you about anything in my life. I know I have a long row to hoe and I must get to work on many things in my life. You did point me in the direction I needed.
I will be a lifetime client of yours and I hope to have many more conversations with you. As I promised, I will keep in touch with you to let you know how things are going. I know you are a very busy person but I think I could write you many pages of thoughts and ideas. I am very grateful for your generosity and Linda and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Again, thank you. You have saved my life.
With sincerity,
Keith and Linda

Amy is an Amazing person. She sincerely cares about each one of her clients. She puts in so much of an effort to do her best for everybody who seeks her help and she has never been calculative with her time (I love that about her!). The warmness in her voice gives you so much hope. I have done 2 readings with her so far and will do more in the future. Why I really admire her is because she has never abandon me after the readings but emails me to check on how I am coping with the issues in my life and always encourages/ alerts me if she feels anything about me. We often exchange emails and she is soooo ever willing to answer my questions no matter how silly they are.

Amy is definitely God's give to us. I am glad fate made us meet and to me she is not just a person whom I look for when I have problems but a dear friend whom I can share both my happiness and sadness with. Thank you dear for helping me with my issues and continue what you are doing because there are many others who need people like you to show some light in their lives.

Thank you and best regards,

Aisha - Singapore

It was so nice talking to you!
Youre so sweet and calming when you talk, you were right on the spot. Thanks a million again!!! Ill recommend you to anyone who ever wants to talk to a psychic!!! you were the best!! xoxox

Amy, thanks for the reading yesterday. While much of what we talked about was very useful for me, you were staggeringly accurate in one case. Late last night I received a call from CitiBank. I had no previous contact with them and would not have even considered them in my wildest imagination. You accurately predicted that this would happen.
Thanks very much.


By nature, I am open minded to all information presented to me, yet reserve the "cautious and careful" approach to my reaction to everything.

Connectivity to loved ones, who have passed, has always intrigued me and I am "open" to conversation and articles on this subject. However, I honestly didn't think it "possible" that my mother and dad could see me or hear my words to them through the unfathomable distance, space and time that separates us now. I only trusted that they are in Heaven, basking in God's love and hoped that they knew well how very much I love them. Through Amy's gifted soul, I have been able to toss aside my "cautious and careful" response to personal uncertainty of the ability to communicate and exchange with my parents and dear friends, whose mortal lives have ended. Amy's precise descriptive of my parents' appearance, unique habits, and "visual" of their acknowledgement of love for me, confirmed the certainty of a heavenly connection, an extension to prayer. To know that our souls can still meet until the time we are rejoined, gives me such great happiness that I cannot just keep to myself. Amy is a very special friend, whom I need to share with you.



A few weeks ago I had a reading with Amy- my first reading ever, and it won't be my last from Amy.

Amy is a bright star, and she has a very special gift that I feel lucky to experienced myself. She is one of the kindest, most genuinely sweet & caring people I have ever met and I couldn't have felt more comfortable or happy. I also felt very encouraged. My reading with Amy not only gave me insight into understanding many different aspects of the past and present, but gave me encouragement, strength and confidence for the future. It gave my husband and I some peace on loved ones already passed, and some exciting news for "future" loved ones. Amy truly cemented in my mind things that I already felt or had thought, giving me understanding to listen to my intuition.

I think Amy is a truly remarkable woman and to get a reading from her is a treasured gift.

Thank you Amy, I will be talking to you again.

Em & Joe in SoCal

About a year ago I had a reading with Amy. At that time, I was stressed out about graduating, getting a job, and my relationship. So far, almost everything in her reading has come to pass! She was able to tell me when I would get a job offer, where it would be, what the school name started with, and when I would be moving closer to that school. Being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel after all those years really helped motivate me to finish things up. As for the relationship aspect, she didn’t exactly have great news. Amy told me how long things would last with that man, why it would end, and how it would end. Knowing in advance worked for me. I was able to have fun and when things started to slow down I was completely ok. I was also so wrapped up in my first year of teaching that I didn’t have time to be anything but ok! lol There were other things that she picked up on too like vacations, different characteristics of family members, and that my older brother would be getting engaged! Little by little her reading has come to pass over this past year, but there is still more to come! Amy told me that I will be meeting the man I’m going to marry within two years and told me all about him. At the end of our reading, she told me to e-mail her a picture of a man at any point and she’ll say yes or no if it’s him. Recently I met someone who fit her description so I sent her an e-mail. Amy kept her word and responded to me quickly! Overall I have been very pleased with my reading. She has been nothing but wonderful this entire time! I would recommend her to anyone looking for true guidance. Thanks again Amy for all of your help!

-Mary :)

Amy, I can not thank you enough for all the help you have given us!! I have never met such a gifted person in my life! God only gives such powers to people with a wonderful heart. You not only gave us new hope in life, but also help shed some light on a tragic death which had happened with our family friends recently. We didn't know what had happened or what the reason was for his death. You gave us the exact details about his death, and also let us know the cause of it and where he was. Your information was accurate. I am so thankful to god that you came into our lives! I will recommend you to everyone I know! Thank you so much!!!

-Renee California

Amy is the most gifted psychic I have ever met. She connects on the spiritual, intellectual and emotional level. She has helped me on numerous occasions and has been able to receive messages with deceased family members and friends. Her compassion and understanding puts her on a higher level--she helps people, really helps them.

Tracy, Portland, Oregon


You have such a wonderful, kind heart! I am so glad "The Twins" got us together!



I can't begin to thank you enough for yesterday. You are totally awesome. You truly have a special gift. I would be excited just to be half as good as you are. I am so impressed and I feel so fortunate to have been given the opportunity to be able to get to speak with you. Thank you also Melinda. With out you I don't think this would have been possible. You both are such wonderful people and it gives me such a warm feeling to be blessed by God and given the chance to speak with the both of you. I wanted to speak in yesterday several times Amy and tell you what a great job you done, but I didn't want to speak and confuse you or cause you to lose your train of thought. You did a great job. You hit on every thing perfect. You were so right and I just want to let you know what a great job you done. Thank you so much. This really meant so much to me and it has given me a better out look on things and allot of hope. I pray that God brings you both many blessings in your life time just like you have given me in mine.

Love and Blessings,


Our reading with Amy was a wonderful experience. It was our first. I have to say there was never a time that we were uneasy about the whole process. She is very sincere and caring and you are able to feel that through her readings. Everything that she shared with us not only helped to answer some puzzling questions but I personally was able to close some doors on some very difficult feelings that I have carried with me for years.
We are very thankful to Amy for what she was able to help us with. She was able to provide us some peace and better still we feel as if we have met a friend that we have known all our lives and will keep.

Lynn Murphy
McDonough Georgia

Amy is a very gifted medium. Not only has she brought through wonderful messages and information for me from my loved ones who have passed over, but I have witnessed her bringing messages for others that they were able to confirm. While doing a reading for friend, she received a mental image of a deceased loved one's wedding dress and drew a picture of it for us. When we brought the dress out of storage, it was a perfect match.

Teri Rugtive

Amy was able to bring through not only my best friend but also my grandmother and my father-in-law during a phone reading that she did with me. Of course, I was really only expecting or hoping to hear from my best friend as her death was a complete shock to everyone who knew her, but she was not the only one wanting to "talk" to me as my grandmother and father-in-law came through for me too. Amy was able to tell me things that only I or close family could have known about my father-in-law, such as where he was when he died.. It was incredible. She told me things about my grandmother that only I knew about, like a teapot that she had given me to hand down to my daughters... While I was very excited to hear from my grandmother and my father-in-law, their deaths were much easier for me to accept. It had been a little over a year since my best friend had been killed and I still was not okay with it. I still had so many issues with her being gone, being taken from us so young and leaving behind two beautfiul young children of her own. I had not even begun to heal. Renee' (my best friend) came through first and very strong - she was just as strong in life. Amy described her perfectly. Amy was able to tell me things about Renee's family too. She was essentially able to validate every aspect of Renee's life, from when she was young right up until the day she was killed. Since the reading I have found peace with her death. I will not say that I have had closure - because I am not sure that I will ever have closure. I will say that I have healed immensely. Of course I still miss her every single day but now I know that she really is okay and that she really is able to see her kids and she really is around us every single day.... I would recommend Amy to anyone. Matter of fact, since I had my reading, two of my friends have had readings of their own and both were hugely successful. Amy is the best!! I am proud to call her a friend...

Dani Decker
Klamath Falls, Oregon

Dear Amy,

Thank you so much for the reading. It was wonderful and meant so much to me. I was left with such a feeling of peace and joy. It was almost as if I was having a conversation with my loved ones. You were so accurate with your descriptions of them and told me so many things that only I knew. I believe you have a wonderful gift and your reading was certainly a gift to me.



First of all I want to say Thank You! You are truly a God Send! I feel like I have known you forever and I was so comfortable talking to you. The first time you called me you allowed my heart to begin healing, and I was so anxious to hear from you again. When you contacted me and my mother for the second time I was at ease knowing that your words were like Band-Aid and I knew that you would be telling me things that I have longed to hear for 29 years now. I am amazed at how clear my whole family came through to you. I shed many tears, but I have to say with each one I shed it was a tear of joy! To know that my aunt is with me and my boys each and everyday is such a blessing! I love her so much and I can't help but smile each time I look around me, because she is here! I see her in the color yellow and I see her when my baby laughs and says "Quack Quack."
I also want to tell you that my mother is bright and shinning today. I have not felt her or seen her like that in a very long time and it melts my heart. She needed to hear what you had to say. She loves her Daddy so much and I feel like it gave my Mom that spark she needed to live again. I can't thank you enough for that!
I have so much to celebrate and I know there is so much to come of my life. I am so ready and anxious to meet that little girl that is waiting on the right time to come into our lives. I have a void in my heart that I know only she can feel because that spot is dedicated to her.
My Daddy cried so hard last night when I gave him the messages from his sister. At first he told me that he couldn't listen to what I had to say when I told him that she showed he had a broken heart and that she wanted him to mend it, but when I mentioned the water with the rope swing he started laughing through his tears. He told me that my Aunt Dotty busted her butt swinging from that rope. He was AMAZED that you knew what you did. He said their was no way that someone that did not know him or his sister would have ever known those things and that is had to be real! He was also happy to hear that his Dad had come through as well. He said his Dad loved to scare everyone it was just a way for him to show that he loved
Thank you again Amy, and I am sure we will be talking again. God Bless you!

Amanda Gammill, Photographer
Photos By Amanda G.

I met Amy through a friend that I had opened up to about several things I was struggling with, one in particular was that I had lost a child at the age of 15 I'm now 47 . My friend said "Let me call Amy, she can help you" . Amy called me within a day or two , I was immediately comfortable with her. Her voice was sweet and calm , she spent 1 1/2 hours or more with me over the phone validating several things that were right on to do with family members that had passed on . Amy was able to communicate with my Grandmothers , my Father and foremost my son that I had lost so many years ago . Amy said she could see my son ,she described him , told me he uses the name Kyle and that he wasn't angry and that he loves his Mom. 31 years ago at the age of 15 I made a bad choice after listening to a clinic nurse and family members. I terminated my pregnancy. I regret that terrible choice to this day. Knowing my son loves me and that I will see him someday has been the best gift I have ever or will ever receive . I thank-you Amy for your sweet spirit,your non-judging heart , your willingness to reach out to help your brothers/sisters . We truly are our brothers keeper and Amy my friend you are doing your part as you reach out to bring closure, comfort or whatever will help families go through the challenges of dealing with life and life hereafter . God Bless you Amy

Tammy S.

When I first decided to get a psyche reading I was very skeptical of what I was going to hear. I have always had a critical attitude, and getting a reading was the last thing I would ever consider, but giving the chaotic circumstances I was living I decided to move ahead with it.

A friend recommended Amy, and I immediately contacted her. Shortly after I realized I was in good hands. Amy treated me like a friend would, she was very compassionate and answered all my questions and concerns accurately. I was surprised of the things she told me that no one else knew except for me. I would not hesitate to get another reading with Amy in the future if I ever need it again.
Thanks, Amy, for your kindness and for the wonderful, helpful reading.

Mayra Alfonso

Dear Amy

Thank you so much for taking your time to talk to me. You REALLY, REALLY helped me. You are one of the absolute best psychics I have ever spoken to. I shall be calling you again.
I actually feel a lot better after I have spoken to you. SO MUCH BETTER:-)
Thank you.
God Bless


Hi Amy!

I had a reading with you tonight at the knoxville meeting and I came
home and talked with my husband and his mom. Needless to say it is amazing
how your reading helped not only me but my husband and mom as well! There
has been many unanswered question regarding his death in the 60's and alot
of heartache with his children missing him. Your reading or should I say
connection with Sam (My Sam's Dad) gave them the peace of verifying that he
is around and has been for over 40 years. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I
came into your reading with complete openness not knowing what you would see
but I did know that it was right and accurate! Thank you again! and i hope
you enjoyed your time spent in tennessee!!



You read for me Saturday at the Knoxville Showcase. I just wanted to reach out and thank you again. Your reading was so intuitive and gave me such a lift in spirits, that I was able to move forward and have a much more open and positive communication with my husband which of course has helped a great deal. I actually feel hopeful that there might be a chance for improvement in our situation now, which was really truly feeling like a lost cause for me.
It felt so great to hear all those marvelous insights about my life and what is in store for me and my children in the near future. You are truly blessed with a REAL gift. I don't think words can express how much you helped me.
Hope you made it safely home. I will definitely be back for another reading.
Love and light,


I met Amy in Knoxville, TN and we had a great connection. She was able to reconnect me with my Father who passed away in 1997. It was an amazing experience to receive messages from him and to know that he is still with me. She also helped guide me to my first home; she has a real gift and is a genuine, kind spirit. She put hope back in my life giving me the strength to be a happier person. My experiences with Amy have had a positive impact on my life and I am so glad that I found her.

Knoxville, TN

I attended a group reading with Amy, and I could not believe how exact with information she was. I contacted her to set up a private reading via phone. She was happy to work around my schedule which was 10:00 p.m. During the group reading she told me about a date June 3rd That date meant nothing to me, and I searched for a week for something pertaining to that date. I asked relatives, and still nothing. Until the night of my private reading I took out a box of old jewelry that my great grandmothers and I use to play dress up with, and there it was a watch engraved with my loved ones name and the date 6-3-60. Complete validation!! Amy described a house I grew up in, personalities, and relationships I have with people. A relative's sickness they had as a baby. A trip and party of a family member. And so much more, I can't even explain how right on she was. There are still a few pieces of information that I am searching for, and without a doubt I know I will eventually find out the significance of them. After my reading I felt such peace, and I know that my loved ones are with me everyday to watch over my family.



Thank you for helping me, and giving me a reading. You are so sweet.

Cara in Canada

Hi Amy- I just wanted to thank you so much for the reading today. It was so nice speaking with you. It definitely helped me with a lot of questions I had. I was very excited to hear the information about the baby I am going to adopt and thank you so much for sending the energy to help with the adoption.

Thank you soo much Amy!! I am so grateful that i got have that experience with you! Its hard to put it into words how happy I am that I got to have a reading with you. So thank you very much

Best Wishes,

Meredith Levine
Brooklyn, NY


I want to thank you again for all of your help. I appreciate you and your gift, and that you help so many people. You have certainly helped me! Aside from your gift, I feel that you are a wonderful person, and that you are a good friend to those around you....I would love to take you out to lunch and just visit.



I just wanted to tell you I was soo thrilled talking to you yesterday.........I can't even begin to tell you what a pleasure and what a great relief you took off my shoulders......there has been alot of weight on me for along long time and just felt so my heart, thinking, overload etc......I wish I found you years ago. I finally was able to relax and you could not be more on about everything. Thank you so very much for everything.......your a lifesavorand a are an angel.....I can't wait to talk to you again and I am thrilled that you live in my State.!!!!!

WA. State

I had a reading with Amy the other day and it was wonderful. There is nothing like having the energy of this angel working with you to bring clarity to your path. I felt like I had made an instant "old" friend after having my reading with her. It both informed and educated me on how I could best proceed to walk my path and communicate with those I have loved. Within two days I had already received confirmation from the other side that my messages were being received and answered. I have had prior readings over the years with other psychics and those readings don't come close to the gift I received from Amy . I have recommended her to my friends already and know I will be back again, and again when I am in need of futher enlightenment. Thank you so much for sharing your gift. You are a real blessing.

With open heart and grateful thanks,


Amy, Thank you so much for the reading you gave me yesterday... It helped me so much! May God bless you and continue to nurture your EXTRAORDINARY talent..