Happy New Year everyone,

It’s nice to be in the new year. 2019 was a whirlwind of a year for so many. For me it was the busiest year I’ve ever seen with counseling. It is nice to finally be starting fresh again in 2020. We have just finished eclipses and are now finally starting to have relief from that and the holiday season. Astrology is clearing up so you can really start manifesting and working on goals. It’s a great time now to be focusing on what it is you would like to change in your life and send it up in prayers to the Universe.

I’m working away here and if you are interested in a reading please e-mail me amyheavensent@hotmail.com or if you are a current client you most likely have my cell number which many text to schedule that way. I send love out to everyone I meet and read for. It’s like a huge family I’m blessed with. So many wonderful people I’ve met over the years over the phone and not in person yet. I will be starting to travel around the globe soon and have a lot of fun things on the horizon that I will be sharing along the way.

My dear friend and client Natasha Koifman who has a heart of gold asked if I would like to help raise money for her charities. Here is the article and link below.

<a id=”LPlnk697551″ href=”https://www.shopnk.ca/reset-the-right-way-sitting-down-with-nks-personal-psychic/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer” data-auth=”NotApplicable”>https://www.shopnk.ca/reset-the-right-way-sitting-down-with-nks-personal-psychic/</a>


Much love to you and your family

Amy xx

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