Thank you for visiting.  This month of March we will be entering Mercury retrograde starting March 23rd to April 15th.  Mercury retrograde is known for giving us a bit of a headache as far as communication goes.  You might fine there is a little extra chaos in the air as mercury retrograde can send our electronic devices on the fritz.  Or that you are having issues with your schedule or flight delays for example.  It’s a good time to back up your photos and computers.  Or maybe do a little extra organizing of your schedule to help stay ahead of things.  It also can bring people back from our past that we may have unfinished business with.  Try your best to be patient as we move thru a little bit of a bumpy time.  This month also has beautiful astrology aspects as well.

I was recently on my dear client Natasha Koifman’s pod-cast “The F words” which is a lifestyle show hosted by Taylor Kaye, Natasha Koifman and Anthony Mantella. All fun things that start with the letter “F”. Fun, Fashion, Fitness, Feelings.


Take care everyone and many blessings to you all!

Amy xo

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