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Happy April!  I hope all is well in your world.

Make sure you tell your loved ones how much you love them and what they mean to you.  It doesn’t take a lot of words to show love and appreciation.  By telling people positive things about them it always brings good to you in someway.  Everything on Earth survives better with love.  We all have different paths in front of us and we all take things in differently with our experiences.  There are people that are more sensitive than others and some that aren’t sensitive at all.  It really depends on that persons soul growth and what lessons they have learned.  By showing your love and appreciation to someone may affect them more than you would ever realize.

When I’m out and about in public I always use my intuition.  I never second guess it because when I do I get a lesson on how I should have listened.  This rings true for everyone, always listen to your initial gut reaction.  I can’t emphasize this enough.  It’s always best to be aware of your surroundings.  I’m a Mother of 2 children and I like to test them to see if they are paying attention to their surroundings.  It’s how we can protect ourselves from negativity and possibly an unsafe situation.

During readings I tend to not focus on negativity or have a hard time connecting to it, although when I’m shown something that is negative I will say and warn the person I’m speaking with about what I’m feeling.  All kinds of advice can come out during a reading it’s really interesting at times and I never honestly know what spirit is going to show me.  Hearing back from clients is really nice, I always love hearing how people are doing and what has transpired.  And sometimes I don’t hear back for years or not at all which is okay too.  One thing is for sure I’m quite entertained by spirits and how they communicate.

Below is a testimony from a  lady that I met for the first time today and how her sister’s reading changed her life.  I’m certain I will never forget her story.


Amy did a reading for my sister 2 years back. The reading was completely for my sister and Amy was not given any information on me whatsoever, no photos or names. Yet that reading completely turn my life around and released me from my 13 years of emotional imprisonment.
I dated my ex when I was 21 and married him two years later.  We were that regular modern day fairy tale couple, both university graduates, great career and regular church going Christian. He grew up in a traditional church, knew the bible inside out and I was a Sunday school teacher. The marriage was to be perfect, I obeyed every marriage rule in the bible, I put with his constant verbal abuse and did what was right as a biblical law abiding wife. Twice in the marriage I left him after the discovery his secret online addiction to porn. He wrote me tearful letters on both occasions and went down on his knees while crying for forgiveness. He swears that he had never cheated on me physically. He quoted the biblical rules that tied me down. I stayed and gave my all to the marriage. 
Nov 2012, I was visiting Vancouver, Canada with my son when I received a call from my sister. What Amy revealed through her was simple and direct. She said my marriage is heading for a divorce, my husband was cheating on me. It’s prostitution and I should not be sleeping with him anymore. She said I would be staying exactly at where I am right now till my son is done with school at least. And she didn’t see me doing my PhD anytime soon till I have settled all the I need to do.
I called my ex immediately. Like most men, he said that I’m crazy to accuse him over some psychic’s words. But I know Amy was telling the truth. A four hour long conversation and 3 emails later, I got a confession. 12 years of cheating, with over 30+ prostitutes. From the year after we dated till the day before Amy’s revelation. 
Spring 2014, I am writing this from Vancouver, Canada. My PhD application to both universities just got rejected 2 weeks back. Yes, I am still at where I was 2 years back, just like what Amy had predicted. Some of the stuff she told my sister 2 years back seemed out of the world and impossible, but they came true. Over a decade, I was stuck in a self imposed imprisonment, Amy simply opened the door and shone a light. Thanks Amy.  
R, Canada
I’m always amazed at what spirits show me and tell me.  That is the beauty about this work.  
Take good care of yourself and know that you are never alone.  There are angels and spirits around everyone, everywhere.  You just have to slow down and pay attention.


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