Hello everyone,

Happy Holidays to you and your families!  Holidays are difficult for those who are missing their loved ones that have passed away.  Just know that spirits love to come around and watch over their families and friends during the Holidays.  Things to look for when spirit is around is Orbs in photos, they will show themselves in photos.  Also when spirits come around your aura there is a change in energy.  A lot of times it comes as goosebumps, temperature change, scent, feeling, hearing and seeing (in your mind).  Spirits will talk to us in our minds quite often, we don’t know this a lot of the time because it is our voice in our head.  I pay attention to feelings I have along with the messages I’m receiving.  Trusting your feelings and senses is very important when communicating with spirit.  Also the information they are sending us typically comes very quickly to our mind and then will leave quickly.  So if you are receiving a lot of information and quickly you will need to grab something to write with.  I have to have a pen and paper with me when I”m meditating and opening myself to spirit, otherwise I have a difficult time remembering what they are showing/saying.  Spirit blows me away all the time, they will do the funniest and craziest things to their loved ones here.  They love watching over and being apart of your life.  When we die we continue on and have the ability to be with our family and friends on Earth.

Also if you have lost a pet, just know that animals stay loyal to their owners and are typically waiting for us right away when we pass over.  Animals are pure love and never stop loving us from heaven.

Our loved ones that have passed away will help us in so many ways.  They help us cross paths with others, they bring us signs of hope and love and they want us to feel them.  The more open you are the more you will sense from the spirit world.

I have been very blessed this year with meeting a lot of new people and clients.  This has been my busiest year yet and I’m looking forward to what next year 2014 will bring!  I care for every person I read and am so thankful to meet and help all of you.

Blessings to you during this Holiday season.  Stay safe and know that you are truly never alone :)


Amy Renee’

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