Hello everyone,

Happy holidays to you.  This can be such a hard time for many who have lost loved ones.  Just know in your heart that when we pass away, we continue to live.  We continue onto the next journey and your loved ones continue on.  Most of the time the messages that come through from passed loved ones is that they are okay..  They want you to know they are watching over you and that they are okay.  Try to enjoy the Holidays as much as you can and remember the good memories.  Passed loved ones are truly in the room next door.  Feel them and feel their love to you. 

I have met so many amazing people with my work.  I sincerely care about each and every person I read for.  It is so nice hearing back from clients, thank you for e-mailing me you guys.  It really makes me smile, I’m so proud of the success stories. 

I wanted to introduce you to Daniel Troppy.  He is a dear friend of mine.  Check out his web-site www.thethrifters.net  He is so gifted and has never ever given up on his dreams.  Here is a clip of him in action https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=2466901106488 Daniel is  kind and helps people dress without spending a fortune! 

My dear friend Melinda Bailey is a certified Reiki healer/teacher.  I highly recommend everyone to Melinda who is in need of reiki healing, she takes such good care of her clients and has helped so many.  She is a true healer and incredible person.  You can reach Melinda at 1-(540)-357-5028 or e-mail  mgb63blessed5@aol.com  I promise you will be in good hands with her. 

Dr. Stephanie Reid is another dear friend of mine that has helped me personally and my friends.  A gifted Doctor of Naturopathy.  Check out her site www.yourhealingsite.com  Stephanie helps so many people and has now started a non-profit organization to reach children with medical issues. 

Courtney Cook is a gifted photographer.  She captures beauty with her camera and inspires others with her photography.  www.courtneycookimagery.com  Where you can see her unique photography.  Courtney is so sweet and lovely!

I’m thankful for my friends and family.  I enjoy meeting all of you and am truly inspired by your stories. 

Find blessings in everyday and follow your heart.  It is important to keep your dreams alive and lead your life with positivity. 

Love to you all,


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